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There’s some top-notch women’s cycling here on the weekend. Whereas all the other events I’ve seen in town have been on a short circuit around the eastern Gardens, this event has a 15km lap which goes over a lot of ‘burbs in town and includes the most killa hill in the area — the approach from Fyansford.
I’d already volunteered to help out with a do the heritage society are having before I knew about the cycling, so probably won’t get to take any happy-snaps of it.

<%image(20040226-handyandy.jpg|349|367|handy andy)%>
Handy Andy of North Geelong. He’s wearing a wire basket skirt. How about that.

And to cap off a trio of pointless bandwidth sucking images,<%image(20040226-kittyonbranch.jpg|282|346|uh oh)%>
I finally got hold of a copy of this classy little poster the other day.

Ah golly, I was out having a coffee with good friend Obi wan kenobi this morning and ended up mentioning that i have this website, so consequently now feel that particular brand of self-conscousness that comes from the virtual bumping against the real. Been a while since i dealt with that.
It’s the kind of thing that can lead to self-censorship which I’ve seen a lot of webloggers bend to, which eventually leads to shutting down completely. The kind of thing that needs to be nipped in the bud straight away — which is what I’m attempting to do by mentioning all this now.

If I get the opportunity to argue against post-modernism again at school, I’ll take it. I didn’t last year, mainly because it took me 6 months to figure out what I thought about it all. But I’d disagree with the idea of multiple selves, I think the idea underplays the complexity of people — how we can have many, many facets. But when you really get to know someone you can see how they’re all linked.

At the same time, the one area where I could see the “for muliple selves” argument getting a go is with the online-self vs. the real life-self, because I know that in my case they can often be quite different. And infact I enjoy playing up to and mucking with character/identity in this online form.

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