‘we’re nothing but the nerds they say we are’

For the last 12 months I’ve been using the internet service provider TPG and it’s coming up to when I fork over for another 12 months — I pay that way because it’s easier since I don’t have a credit card. And it’s still easily the most economical plan around.
I envisioned myself writing a little note to stick in with the money order that was gushing in nature about how they’d done such a good job at doing what they do, considering there’s so many other gigantic scuzzballs in the same bidness who can’t get it right. And also I was going to say that a good definition of success in implementing a service/technology was that the user (ME) tends to forget that they’re even using it — it’s just part of the whole …um thing. Anyone who knows me properly will know that I have serious hang-ups with 1) receiving praise, 2) giving out praise. Yet I was going to.

But then, the service in the last couple of days has been really dodgey, and dang that funny old recency effect, I just don’t want to write that little note now, despite the other 360 odd days being fine.

It only takes a couple of episodes where I’m sitting here staring into the void at 39 bits a second before I start to think about lugging all this nothing-coloured, plastic-shelled junk out to the footpath and then writing another kind of little note:
“Digital Age,       [notice I didn’t say ‘dear’]
come and get me when you’ve got those problems sorted out.

and I’d go back to writing ridiculous poetry and taking to pre-appointed public venues to read it out to people who I’ve been assured will clap quietly, quite politely — no matter how bad it is.

It’s just like 4000 years ago when sandals were just getting off the ground. They’d break down — straps would rip, soles would fall off at the most inconvenient of times. When was there a convenient time for your shoes to disitnegrate? Certainly not when you’ve got a mob of angry Essenes chasing you.
Only the intrepid wore sandals into mission-critical situations.

As a matter of fact, the whole Gnostic sect got started due to same basic sentiment mentioned above. With that wavery “I’m so close to losing it” sound in his voice, Simon proclaimed loudly to his posse, while pointing to small island yonder, “Right. We’re going over there. No. shoes. [swivels arm back to point at general population] YOU don’t come there with shoes.”
Then the Gnostics split.

Yet, here in the 21st century we’ve pretty much got the shoe construction thing licked and it’s rare that I think about all the trial and error that went into keeping my shoes together.

I’ve had this digital camera for 4 or something months now and still haven’t done a review of it. There’s still a lot of things I still haven’t tried with it too.

Here is my first effort as a motion pikkachure guy. I’d never bothered to try the motion-shot function at all, and even here I hadn’t either. It was an accident the dial was set to that function.
So it’s just of a big picture I saw in an op-shop, probably from some italian house — and only a couple of seconds but is 2Mb. I don’t know what the deal is there. I might have to read the manual.

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