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I imagine england is like a rather small waiting room with a large bunch of people in and no one ever gets called into the consultation room. There’s no distractions, no telly on a swivel bracket, no yabber-yabber talkback radio, no magazines and the weather outside’s shit(e).

So the people end up making up their own ways to stay amused. There’s no logic in what they do, which is good because logic is the compass of the moneylove — profit – the machine.

These pokey little permutations in the cultural continuum pop up and can occasionally cause huge waves to roll up on the shore of the machine.

Someone from Resonance FM (based in London) emailed me to say that the creator of the song ‘leper in a tumbledryer’ (which was on 365 days and which I mentioned back here) now does a weekly half-hour radio show on Resonance. For the last 36 hours I’ve been moving through the strange world of Dan Wilson via The Hellebore shew, the hellebore shew, the helle, the helle, the hellebore shew.

He does tape drops, which is recording stuff — music, poems, and other less organised audiostuffs onto blank tapes and then leaves them in public places. The radio shows are similar, and document some of these tape drops, as well as play a little music/audio from other weirdos.
All the radio shows are archived on the site and available for streaming or download, in either .mp3 or .ogg format. Good to see it set up as both Open Source friendly, and low-bandwidth friendly.

This is one thing he says about tape-dropping:
“I know tape-dropping sounds like such an unprofitable, losery thing to do but just be thankful that I’m not doing something really anti-social like making colages from cut up Argos catalogues and porno magazines and super-gluing them to telephone boxes.
Tape-dropping is a nice exciting method of music distribution that has its roots in the historic medieval pastime of twig-dropping; leaving oddly shaped twigs around the courtyard to freak out the superstitious. Whether they be gentry or serf, it mattered not.”

As good an example as any of what goes on is the Dec. 16 episode. The 48kbs per second quality version is quite acceptable, it’s about a ten megabyte download and I really think you should listen to it.

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