pako festa 2004

Due to financial woes the pakington street multicultural festival was scaled back from 2 days to one this year. It was still pretty good but felt like it slipped by pretty quickly. The weather was mirky, so the fotos didn’t turn out all that great.
<%image(20040221-dropouts.jpg|483|305|absent friends)%>
Who didn’t make it this year? These were the left overs at the parade’s startline; Vietnam, Portugul, Slovenia, Finland and Holland.’, ‘I must have some unrealistic memory that I compare each parade to because it never looks all that fantastic. Like what might happen with RSS feeds, the organisers slipped a couple of ads into the parade, and thought I wouldn’t notice. The local undertakers had a couple of big, antiquated hearses in it which were gurgling fumes over the primary school kids contingent walking behind them.
<%image(20040221-highland.jpg|307|230|bag on)%>
If you compare this foto to that of last year’s, you’ll notice that the pipers don’t keep the same postions in the formation.
The chinese-australian society people took out my noisecore award due to their whopping big drum and smashing symbols.

There were several furries and clowns in attendance, so the day obviously wouldn’t have been for everyone.
<%image(20040221-furry.jpg|259|161|redcross furry)%>

One of the casualties of the scale-back was the battle of the bands, which is a bit of a shame.

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