former mental patients are Can Do people!

I thought it might feel a bit weird getting back down to the beach at anglesea after living there for two years and then not having visited there at all in this last 14 months, but it wasn’t.

I hung out around the wave-break and got sent into an underwater backwards somersault three times — it was great. Nothing like getting biffed around by the forces of nature.

<%image(20040220-frakedgull.jpg|64|590|you talking to me?)%>

There’s a good square 500metres of beach, edgewise, for every child, woman and man in this country so i kind of feel obligated to get down to the beach at least once each summer. I was walking along an otherwise deserted section and came across this seagull. Through staring at it, creeping toward it and taking lots of fotos, I managed to give it a serious case of the heeby-geebies.

<%image(20040220-meatbeach.jpg|200|150|waiting for a cliff to collapse)%>

And here’s me giving you the evil eye.

I almost got side-swiped by some frikkin jim’s mowing type of dealy this morning while out riding. It was overtaking and the trailer just missed.

I accept that my push-biking days are numbered. I just wish I knew where they were keeping the number so I could go see it. I’d buy some colouring books at the appropriate time for when I’m in hospital.

Y’know (and I’m touching wood like a mad bugger right now) apart from when I came out of me mum, I’ve never had to go to hospital for anything. Never broken a bone, never got sick.

Ooo! More [subversive arty shit][Banksy link dedacted- 27/02/14].

The other of the two things I learnt last year was that the north american hollywood juggernaut isn’t as all dominating as I’d previously thought. I started to get an appreciation for the amount of clout (culturally at least) that the UK still had. There’s a bit of a divide between it and europe simply because of the language thing but europe similarly makes advances in wherever it is all this is going, and the US follows. Probably not very clear, but what I mean is that the see-saw’s more balanced than I thought.

There’s another whole big issue of the English-speaking world’s prudish 50s-ish ‘keep a foot on the floor’ attitude to sexuality and the human body, our human bodies — when compared to europe, but I’ll leave that for another time.

In this case advance don’t necessarily mean on the up — just further along. You could bet your pants that this thing that happened in the swedish Big Brother house will eventually be replicated here. Although they’re not even allowed alcohol in the version here yet.

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