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I came across clean surface, based in melbourne, it has collections of grafitti and posters and stuff. Pretty neat but I wish there was a way to hide the comments since it seems that a site focussing on this subject matter attracts a high level of idiocy. Also sometimes it’s better to let the image speak for itself.

Senor Collis calls for photos of terse signs in the kitchens of public or private communal spaces. Definitely a widely existing phenomena and worthy of amassing. If memory serves me correctly, they got some doozies in the local (rotten) community radio station… something about how society breaks down when cups left unwashed… a former submarine officer runs the kitchen.

I’ve always wanted to do a collection or project on red shoes — where people send in a picture of their red shoes or them wearing their red shoes etc. It was about a year ago in communication with dr.crisp that she mentioned that she had a pair of red converse (as do I). For some reason it’d never occurred to me that other people also had them.
Red shoes are more special than other shoes. Because they’re red. Then there’s the whole folklore angle.

Another project that’d possibly go is where someone travels around australia doing reviews of fish and chip shops. No good for me, for while I’m a great connoisseur of the chip, I don’t eat the fish.

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