I lost my art

Had a four hour long flashback this morning listening to the Breakfasters then Danger Low Brow which were part of RRR‘s ‘I lost my heart to RRR‘ weekend.
I started listening to the Breakfasters in ’89 or maybe ’88 so it was this huge parade of voices that I hadn’t heard for ages including TV Eye, Stephen Downes, Stuart Round (although sadly only on the phone) and then through to Kate Langbroek and Dave O’Neil — nice to hear them too, but in a different way because they’re still in the public eye (or ear). And then through it all, the amazing Chris Hatzis, who sounded to me almost like a long lost sibling because he’d been the anchor of the show for so long, and because of how early morning radio people earn themselves a special place in the listener’s psyche because they’re there when that radio-clock drags you through from one world to the next.

Danger Low Brow is and was pretty damn funny also. If you have a look at that list of names on the ‘I lost my… ‘ page it’s phenomenal how much talent (and fun) has passed through the station. I hope they hit their money-target.

Update – 18/2/04 – Dr.Stephen Downes sent me these photos and captions of the Breakfasters’ gathering that morning. Thanks Downesy!

<%image(20040217-IMG_0414.jpg|640|480|the team in '87 and '88)%>

“The 87-88 Breakfasters, as we are today: (L to R) Downesy, Chris Hatzis, Richard Neal, Elick (TV Eye); there’s a framed collection of photos from the late 80s behind us, which you may be able to make out.”

<%image(20040217-IMG_0413.jpg|640|480|the whole lot)%>
“Green room photo — it was quite a gathering: (Foreground at table) Kate Langbroek and Chris V.; (Standing, L to R) Suzie Morris-Ashton, Rusty of the Scared Weird Little Guys, Tony Moclair of Crud (partially obscured), Julian Schiller of Crud (back to camera), Tom (T. S.) Elliott, Denise Hylands, Bob the Binny, James Young, Mark O’Toole, John Safran (blue shirt, back to camera), Dave O’Neil, Richard Neal, Stephen Downes (scratching neck or something?)”

Update 2: 29/3/04 — I just noticed that the whole three hours of the “I lost my heart” weekend Breakfasters show is archived on ther RRR website here.

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