Yes I was out at Not Quite Right supermarket again today and right now I’m drinking ‘Oatly’ organic oat drink. It’s ingredients are water, organic oats, organic rapeseed oil, sea salt. I think the reaon why it washed up at NQR is the plain old cause of it tastes terrible. It’s claim is that it’s the thing for people who are alergic to cow or soy milk — they’re they only people who are gonna choose it. It’s made in Sweden.


Floating Disembodied Heads! — the iron chef ones are particularly handy because I read that despite it not having aired for all that long here, it’s finished up in Japan. So now you can grab those heads and write your own Iron Chef episodes. Well I will be anyway. I like it when that roving guy yells out “Scuzzah!” and interrupts.

Thanks to this post at d/blog I found out about this artist called charlie white and these fotoconstructions he does. There’s a bunch of links to the images at the above link. Like this. Very interesting.
(And then in the comments, more weirdness here – yikes.)

This chappy has a rather unusual angle to come at webloggen from – BDSM. Unusual in that it’s not trying to sell junk, get your email address or ram prawn at you — infact seems pretty thoughtful toward the nature of what he’s doing. Bit of an eye-opener for a simple country boy like me.

The Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa Foundation homepage.

One anonymous hopeful comes to the site here with the search request, “ocean’s eleven – is it possible?”.

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