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“And everybody kept trying to ask me, ‘what’s your style?’ and I said, ‘Gee I don’t know I guess y’know my style is that I don’t have one.’ Ha Ha Ha.” — Kevin Costner

I’d constantly go to the cinema and rent movies but only ever watch the coming attractions. ‘Coming Atratractions’, now there’s a phraseload of presumption.
I got to thinking 98% of movies are better that way, compressed into 120 seconds, sharp clever crux-like snatches of dialog
“A man we thought had died 17 years ago.”
and expostion from the cloned, over-achieving, over-emphasizing voice over guy.
“He’s inside with us! He will never get away!”

Despite the advent of digital media and spontaneous mutation/reaction from writers, directors, actors in places like Eastern Europe or Cuba or wherever, Hollywood began to throttle cinema. Eight gigantic corporations, each producing 12 multimilliondollarblockbusters a year was never going to be enough to keep me distracted from thinking about ________.

“I think if you say something you shouldn’t say it lightly.” — Kevin Costner.

I’ve read in history books that was once a time when Fox didn’t mean Murdoch. Collarboration between Hollywood and the UK went into decline in the mid-60s. From then on there were less and less projects jointly produced and the exchange of actors decreased.
Monocropping kept the villagers thin but somewhow just out of the reach of disease.


The relationship between signifier and signified isn’t as abitrary as you might think. A cheap looking, off-white facade with no depth and nothing behind it but the barren land it stands atop of. If you stand straight to look at it it appears to be crooked. All its components are easily replaceable in the event that one should malfunction.

“You have to remind somebody what it’s like to breath, what it’s like to be out of air.” — Kevin Costner

The Australian actors assimilated themselves rather neatly and quietly into the machine; a kind of sign post to their nation’s eventual ‘friendly’ self-performed annexation.

**Richard Gere. Julia Roberts. A Kevin Costner production, Not Until I’ve Had My Coffee
Roberts: You’re not a morning person are you?
Gere: I’m not an anything person. I’m a person from 5pm to 9pm and most of that is primetime! [Cut to]
Roberts: Eeeehhheehheee hehh hheehh eehhee! **

“It doesn’t have anything to do with the movie sometimes, it has to do with, er, um what you’re about”. — Kevin Costner

Alright, alright. After receiving nearly ten irate emails from various members of the Hot Chocolate Appreciation Society, the previous entry is now properly credited.

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