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I’m reading this book at the moment which I’ll mention more when I’ve finished it, but there was this couple of sentences about ideas, inspiration and new ways of thinking. It went along the lines of: the challenge isn’t in attempting to come up with new ideas, but to dispense with those that are already crowding the mind — sweep out those corners. Then new ideas will naturally come flooding in.
I wish I could quote it exactly but I couldn’t find it — I spent 2 hours almost reading the whole thing again looking for that para but no bueno.
I could relate to it. There’s no grand plan or ambition pushing out these little things anymore, but I still have to get rid of them because they drive me nuts otherwise. This is a dumping ground.

Endangered Asian Elephants In Psychedelic Red Thai Curry Freakout

<%image(20040211-delicelephant.jpg|438|401|Hey did that Rybkin get on to some good shit or what? gone for 5 days!)%>

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