facing reality

Not. As the kids say, not. Another dose of revisionism I’m afraid.
1. At some point last year while reading Fiske semiotics of pop culture (maybe it was when I found there was a whole chapter on freudian analysis of The A Team, I thought ‘yeah I coulld do that. This is something ridiculous enough that I could apsire to continuing.’

The problem is the meat and potatoes of today is so called ‘reality’ or if you will, ‘event tv’. There’s a little man in the back of my head who wants me to try but I cannot cannot cannot stomach that shit. I recently read through a run down in AdNews of what ‘reality’ was bringing this year and they made is sound interesting, like the whole concept had evolved beyond the basic gladiatorial popularity elimination thang.

Since then I’ve been thumped with the commercials promoting the things and I’m always left wanting to make sick.
It’s making me feel old. The problem is I was a little kid when Knight Rider and The A Team were on, I liked those shows then so of course spending hours pulling them apart would sound like fun. They’re kitchy and inoffensive when compared to today’s fare.
But if I don’t like what’s being created today, when why should I in 20 years? From my point of view it’s just one endless stream of crap in both senses of – one episode to the next, and one series to the next. What discernable difference is there between ‘Big Brother 1’ and ‘Big Brother 3’? None. Whereas there was a qualitative difference between the first and last season of Miami Vice.
(The same scenario exists with pop music. Today’s offerings sound bare and souless … but I’ve spoken of this before.)

2. Lately I’ve seen a return trend of words or statements on t-shirts, and fuck me if it’s not horribly disappointing. Seen a kid with the nowhere-nothing-fuck mumble of, “I think you smell” in fairly small lettering, all on one line. In a shop I saw another with the word, “paradox” along with some scratchy shit — the intention being to make it look graffittious.
There have been many other equally pointless non-statements pass in front of me that I can’t recall.

A whole philosophy and way of living could be eeked out of the simple, almost zen-like three words on the t-shirts of 1983/84; “RELAX” and “CHOOSE LIFE”. These two say so much that there’s nothing else for me to say apart from, they were on to a good thing with the all-caps.

3. Ten years ago an exgirlfriend tried to clue me into how good the band Hot Chocolate was. I only just got it figured last month. ‘Heaven’s in the back seat of my Cadillac’ is such a solid track. It’s got an understated heaviness about it and is one of about two songs in existence that’ll get me playing air-violin.
And they do a song about a UFO encounter. They deal with the issue of racism in ‘Brother Louie’. ‘Every 1’s a winner’ is also great, as is ‘Disco Queen’.

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