abusive guanidine

It’s an odd day where I have to get out of bed a half hour early to shuffle over to the computer to sign up for this year’s research methods tutorial. For once their screwy network was running smoothly, and the fact that sox starts with an a helps me get the tute I want (an alphabetical order thing) … but it all feels so Matrixy. I’m 75% off campus this semester A couple extra bucks a week to tip a supermarket delivery boy and I wouldn’t have to leave this dwelling at all.
To balance out the hard, flat statistical nature of that subject I chose “Personality” as the other psychology subject. It was the most zany, trivial and POP subject they had on offer. The only thing I learnt out of 4 units of psychol last year was that it’s a very fine line that seperates ‘social psychology field experiment’ and ‘hidden camera show skit’. In fact I’ll be looking in that latter area for jobs in the future.

I added this map to the general exposition because I like how it’s got its priorities.

Via ms.buhlert — comes probably the most comprehensive collection of paperback book covers from that racy part of the 50s –that I’ve seen at least. ‘Naked on Roller Skates’, ‘Satan was a Lesbian’, what more can I say?

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