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I came across the most amazing place today out on the main highway opposite the Ford plants. It’s an antique warehouse but it really should be a museum.

a photo of a photo inside a glass case with the actual dummies.
we can disguise ourselves as anything
Robby the Robot was easily 10ft high.

R the R here had a tape loop in him and would lament the fact that he was no longer needed because of todays modern robots.

There was a ronald mcdonald clown statue and other now unfashionable things from last century, like a bag of deer antlers.

People who are in or can get to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane might be interested in this, the: what is music festival.

There’s this girls high school here that has an extra-curricular project called ‘sweethearts of swing’ and they’re always showing up wherever there’s public gatherings and belting out brassy R&B standards. I’m not knocking it, but they got this billboard claiming Geelong as Australia’s answer to Motown (because of the town’s association with Ford motor company).
As much as I’d like to agree with it, this place is way too middle class. There isn’t nor never was no huge exploited mass of people and therefore no spontaneous culture wave either.
Boomtime architecture in Detroit is very nicely collected on this site I came across ages ago, Forgotten Detroit.

It’s amazing how “at home” these teeth look in some of these faces.

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