I’m a Southern White Rhinoceros and I’m a postcard too!

I think Paul Simon must’ve been tripping because there was not much happening at the zoo. Not much at all except naptime. I should’ve checked their website first, and then gone on one of the evenings instead of in the heat of the day.

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I don’t think I’d want to be a zoo animal. The brief amount of time I spent observing the other humans observing the animals yielded a rather high rate of idiocy. Obnoxious little (and big) monsters banging on perspex and yelling to get the animals attention. I think if you were stuck in one of the enclosures you’d be subjected to that about once a day, depending on what animal you were.

It’s no surprise that most of them choose their favourite spot to hang based on where they’ll be gawked at least.
Compared to previous memory, the whole joint seemed to whiff of trashiness just a little bit. Most of the enclosures didn’t look big enough. I see that on the website front they’re hooked up with the open range zoo. Maybe they should merge more so that all those kinds of animals that need more space could be out there– y’know, just chuck the pumas n’ kangaroos n’ stuff in one big paddock.

The most interesting thing I saw was a magpie hanging out in the tree-kangaroo enclosure. It didn’t talk like a regular magpie, it’d learnt other bird calls. In a sideways way I could relate to that.

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