an imperfect circle

I just added a short story to the storytime section. It’s kind of old and had been sitting around for ages because of one little bit that needed fixing.

If this was one of those previews at the start of a video, here is the mish-mash cut-up of scenes that’s supposed to entice you to check it out:
– Smoking and bent, the car rested in a heap on the wall at turn four.
– … Her chihuahua is going to attack her next week, bite her on the neck.’ Laughing Johnny sqawked and chortled with glee.
`It’s not funny Johnny – I have to see it all. It’s like they believe that I can change things.’
– Something was buzzing in the postie’s hair. She brushed at it and looked around to see a red dragonfly.
That bitch. That fuckin’ bitch. She’s not going to write back to me. Bitch bitch bitch!
– She flew in and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and she saw Guy Sebastian. He ran himself into some trouble. He was looking at himself in a shop window and he ran into a sharp pole. He exploded and he died.

And the voice over guy with the heaped on drama in his voice, well that’s me doing this right now.

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