put the light on, I can’t tell where I am


– God, can I have another little rhino-boy? Lately everywhere I look I see people with them. I promise I’ll take better care and not screw things up this time. I have a better idea of what is involved and I will keep my priorities in order.

I know they’re a lot of work — as the last one was. How they can be standing still right next to you one second, quietly behaving, wearing a little tie and suit–and then–Bam! he’s off and running around like crazy arms flailing about and head wobbling.

I’ll never forget that night we were all sitting around the dinner table and in the blink of an eye little rhino-boy gets from his chair to the other side of the room and runs straight into the wall. The memory is as clear in my mind as a glass on the kitchen windowsill.
I could explain it away if there had been a door nearby that he was going for, but that wall is doorless.
The only explanation I have, god, is that he had A.D.D. — and therefore could be considered partly defective, thus adding sway to my plea for another.

Perhaps I’m mistaken, and profound unintelligibility is the norm with them? The distance between me and him was dumbfounding if I sat down and thought about it for too long. And perhaps it was my indulging in my own thought such as this that led to things starting to slip…

I repeat, I’ll keep a constant and watchful eye out for the warning signs that he might be planning an escape.

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