aphex twin live at the prince of wales

Token image captured inside a place cameras probably shouldn’t be

Happpy snaps are plenty of fun but what Fred said in Lost Highway carries weight too: “I like to remember things my own way”. I wonder how much of the world hasn’t been photographed yet.
I could’ve squeezed down to the front for a better vantage point but that’s the kind of thing that’s either done early or not at all, rather than standing on too many toes — metaphorical toes.
There were several Terminators in the crowd: overly tall guys who push though to prime dancing spots then just stand dead-still and crane their heads around, scanning.

Everytime I write ‘their’ lately it looks wrong.

I felt like pushing a few people too while boppin’. Not because of agro, just for a bit of fun. “Take THAT backpackboy … and oof you too ya weirdo.”
It was good to be reminded of how big the city is and how full of people — people with stories. They live in parts I’ve never been to and I’ll probably never brush up against any of them again.

For a while I was watching these three guys who weren’t freaks, but had this odd, interesting look about them — kind of punk but not to the ridiculous extreme that’s so prevalent now. Stange haircuts, intense facial expressions. Two of them looked similar and I guess, were brothers.

That’s aphex twin. Honest.
Tech-spaz: Luke Vibert was using an apple powerbook and richard d james was using a sony vaio.

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