licking windows on buses

The aphex twin gig is tonight. Having trouble thinking straight at the moment, but the plan is – get there, heckle the support acts until they stop — “Get Off! Boo! Hey Vibert, you suck!”, then when AT comes on get up to the front and start yelling “Play the good one!” then when he does, yell “Get to the good bit!” Also, go beserk with the camera-flash.

That should endear me to my fellow punters.

With so many news services on the planet why can’t a picture of break-dancing in front of the pope? Damn. Some red cutains in the background and it could’ve been a scene from a Lynch creation, mostly because the kid spinning on his head did it so perfectly that it looked like gravity didn’t apply.

I decided that if I ever get a house or money to make a house or mess with one then at least one room’s got to have red velvet curtains. And red and white tiles in uh probably the kitchen. Any resident backwards-dancing midgets after that would be bonus.

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