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This is a pleasant little surprise, mr.brad zellar added spouting to his link-list. It’s funny because I was going to mention him the other day as an example of someone who is pushing in a different direction and doing something interesting with the weblog.
I’d like to submerge the self and blur the line between ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’ more, but frankly some days (most days?) I need to write about what’s in my museli to convince myself that I exist.
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Sprawled out on the couch yesterday arvo i got to thinking Who would win a tennis match between Chairman Mao and Kim Il-Jong? Kim of course, because he quit the fags. It’d be a simple matter of poppin’ a few well placed shots at opposite sides of the court to get Chair running and it’d be, ‘game over man, game over!’.
It’d drive the people of n.Korea nuts if he was one of those on again, off again giver-uppers. I think if given the opportunity and the assurance that they’d not be judged by their peers, society or god, most people would like to be a dictator.
And it’s not just me who thinks those army-soldier marching festivals they have are visually impressive, because I saw a photo of one in adbusters.

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