‘variation on ‘it’s not you, it’s me’

I’ve been doing some thinking and decided to remove comments and trackback. This in no way reflects how I feel about folks who comment here, be they regular, semi-regular or one-offs. I love you guys, but I’m a self-obsessed bugger and this may take some time to correct. I’ll finish writing an entry and think ‘I wonder who will comment on this?’ and then two days later, ‘why has no bastard commented on this?’ etc. etc.
And then if some comments are left I think ‘that’s more like it’ and get a little ego hit from it, and believe me – that’s completely wrong.
Either way, my head is insatiable, and I don’t think it’s supposed to work like that. I’m Buffalo Bill, and I have problems.

The other thing is that I know that with me, I’m not perturbed in the slightest when reading weblogs that don’t have comment-function. I can think of a couple of examples lately where blogs have recently added comment-function and I’ve been secretly, quietly disappointed. Going from no-comments to comments can destroy the possible illusion of intimacy between writer and reader. It can also make me realise that other readers of a weblog are idiots.
The comment-field can be like a competition of who can make the wittiest remark sometimes.

If someone else had a weblog that didn’t have a comment-function but I wanted to say something about what they’d said I would say it and link to it from here, letting them pick it up from technorati. And then there’s always email. There will always be email, provided you don’t mention implants in the title.

As a form of writing, I think the weblog is different in how easily one influences another. Styles, perceptions, attutudes and groupings of subject matter tend to be borrowed or adopted from writer to the next. One way of looking at that is ‘it’s because it’s on the net and hyperllinks are the lifeblood of blogs as much as any other part of the web’.
But I think it’s got more to do with the whole phenomenon being relatively new, and most people doing it being even newer to it than that, so it’s more of a ‘the only limit is your imagination’ type-thingy and those limits are yet to be pushed.

But as they say in james bond land, never say never. Maybe the comments will be back next week but i doubt it.

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