der fotographik miniessay (show and tell)

I went down to the ranch for a couple of days.
The train hasn’t been stopped and held up by bandits on horseback in nearly three months, which is pretty good going.
<%image(20040121-westward.jpg|410|307|nice day)%>
This is the stretch of maybe 5 or 7 hundred metres that I like to walk along and balance on one rail for as long as I can. Only a few trains come along each day.

This is one of the many tumbleweeds @TheRanch.

<%image(20040121-giantcat.jpg|200|621|run for your lives!)%>

And not to be outdone in the pictures of cats stakes, this is the kitten that now resides down there in the care of Ma and brother schew. They are calling it ‘seven’ but that sounds suspiciously like a number and I think Zorro is more fitting, even if she is a girl. Because of the mask-like head marking, sharp-as-blades claws and overt displays of bravado.

I’d forgotten how utterly mad kittens could be. We spent a whole day messing around. It’s like having an absolutely involuntary sense of being curious about everything. Kittens struck this deal with the creators that in return for the ability to always land on their feet, they’re obligated to check everything out that comes along.
At one point she was just walking along to the kitchen and a fly flew past her head at head height and i could see her look at it, move slightly to go after it then decide ‘I’m too stuffed, I’ll get back to you later”.
The way I saw another incident was that she came to a shoe I wasn’t wearing and stuck head in to check it out, then bend right over with one front-arm resting on top of the shoe while raking the other front-arm around down in the toe of the shoe to check what was in there. It all had this laboured air to it.

Life’s tuff being a kitten, you eat, run around pouncing at inanimate objects then flop down in a human’s lap and continue the interminable quest to Get Comfortable. She visibly sighs at that point– that spins me out.

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