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I haven’t had much computery stuff to say lately. Mainly because everythings working fine and I have no great desire to mess stuff up, which may sound unremarkable but it’s a real change for me.

Web-wise I’m quite satisfied with Nucleus as a content management system. I’m using the 2.5 beta, but it’s like the Mozilla betas (pretty hard to fault) compared to the Pivot betas (highly buggy). The only thing I’ve noticed is one typo on an internal page.
One little thing that’s kind of odd about it is how its CSS template can’t be changed through the interface the way it could with Pivot or MT.

On the operating system front, after a couple of months of use I’ve decided that I’m highly impressed with Mandrake 9.2. Getting back to what I was saying in the first para, it’s kind of difficult to decide if it’s me or Linux that’s changed in this last 12 months. When I’d get restless or be procrastinating I’d decide that there was some major tweaking to be done and inevitably, something would fuck up. But I’m not doing that now (I dunno what has substituted … cycling? :^) ).

Although, that self-destruct scenario needed something big enough to be an obvious target for messing with — like an urgent upgrade of the whole of KDE.
At present, all the basics of the normal multi-media desktop are here, and the state of things like the desktop environment meets the ‘good enough for YS’ mark of approval. Eg. I know kde 3.2 alphas are out but I’m not chomping at the bit to attempt an upgrade because all this 3.14 is fine.

Business as usual. It seems the mysql server at digitalIbiz went bunko yesterday afternoon and only just got running, so — on behalf of them — I apologise to anyone who was trying to click through and see that i’d not updated.

All is not so rosy as I would imagine on the streets of G.West. I was cruising past the local branch of Barwon Health this morning and it seems its been under attack during the week. The door must’ve been smashed because it was boarded up with tin and then there was these exploded socks full of what looked like flour on the footpath, although I don’t think it was flour because it seemed kind of burnt.
From looking at the notices, posters on the window I’m assuming that the place performs abortions or is responsible for lining them up.
I stood around for a minute looking at the damage trying to figure out what the deal was. I suppose I was under the assumption that this kind of thing only happened on the jim Lehrer Newshour.

Most things in life are easy to work out the motive — money, power, ratings fame etc. But there’s few things like pyromania, and the mindset of these so called “pro-lifers” (now there’s some fucked-up terminology for you). I just can’t fathom the motivation there — do they think that the possible people that would come from these fetuses are their best chances for fresh recruits – because they are coming from poor or disadvantaged backgrounds and are easier to brain-wash. That doesn’t work for me because people growing up in those circumstances are just as likely to start fighting for causes directly opposed to anti-abortion maniacs.
Is it some horribly skewed interpretation of that mythical classic, “The Bible, by god? That doesn’t work for me either — it would account for a few wacked-out individuals but not for something that extends through-out the western world.

It’s just hard to imagine there would be any organistion of these people in this town.

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