Allied Baby co.

(Inspired by this article at the always interesting Mowabi.)

Lost in the supermarket? Bored with the mall? Shopping just not doing it for you anymore? Maybe you’re having yet another “invisible day” …

Say Hello to Allied Baby BabyHire!
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With one of our BabyHire babies your afternoon shopping expedition will see some major turnaround.
You’ll be the envy of your babyless peers, and those shop-assistants who used to treat you like dirt are now at your beck and call one hundred per cent.
The benefits of Allied Baby BabyHire are endless!

-Mock up scene of two women in department store reaching for the same, last, DVD-player in a cardboard box. Both women get two hands on it from either end and pull a little as their eyes meet. The babyless woman notices the smiling BabyHire baby on the front of the other woman. Her attitude melts, she lets go.
“You should have this”.

Allied Baby is Australia’s first national, standards-based baby rental company. This means we put YOUR best interests first.
We offer you a rent-time minimum ratio of 3-to-7 boohoo-to-HappyFace* or better!

Shot of happy man with happy, slightly waggling baby on front.
“Every 1’s a winner with Allied Baby BabyHire!”

* – 25% surcharge on HappyFace guarantee.

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