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Ah geez, the backyard’s full of weirdos again. Higgins has connections with spazbo organisations and she’s using them to move heavy things around. All well and good that I don’t have to do it, but they lack the feigned uninterestedness that the rest of humanity displays. Do things like look you up and down when you’re in your PJs or come right up to the window and peer in. If the pyramids had to be rebuilt today, they’d probably enlist spazbos, or people on the dole, or people who owe a lot of HECS debt — like me!
I’m waiting for the right kind of govt to come along and cancel the whole lot. Well, it could happen.

This is a shame: both and .net are being squatted upon, but has this rather odd little game involving pictures.

According to this blurb on furries, the phenomenon was broached on an episode of CSI. I don’t watch that show, but I wouldn’t mind knowing what happened.
Hmm, Okay there’s a bit here.

Also, this is why I love photography it can be powerful and a lot of fun at the same time. It’s great to see so many smiles.
Because the link will die I’ll quote a little of it, “This photograph shows alleged people smuggler Ali Cetin, a Sydney kebab-shop owner, standing at the centre of a group of Turkish Kurds he is said to have brought to Melville Island off Darwin in November. Mr Cetin was pictured with them in Indonesia, just days before their departure for Australia. Yesterday he denied knowing them, despite one of the men being his cousin.”
<%image(20040114-everybodysaybabaganoush.jpg|468|180|“baba ganoush!”)%>

It kind of reminds me of that Bart Simpson Skinner-big-butt prank bit where he’s caught with blueprints of the plan and autographed fotos of the construction process.
But c’mon, lay off the Kurds. I met a Kurdish person once who was camped out on the steps of state parliament and on hunger strike over the plight of their people and I was really impressed with their attitude.
Besides, it looks like half of these people already have jobs for a pizza delivery joint or maybe a V8 supercar team.

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