“pardon me, is this stool taken?”

It’s been a little whille since I did a proper consumption entry so here is one.

Listening to: Kid Koala – he’s a turntablist from Canada and is on the totallly hip Ninja Tune label. They have one of his tracks foor download here.

Listening to little bits of Luke Vibert’s stuff. I s’pose you’d call him a turntablist too. He’s supporting Aphex Twin (in 2 weeks. eek! I’m as giddy as a kiddy) so I thought I should schnaffle what I could from the networks to have a listen.

On that, I don’t know why support acts get to go first. My best concentration and energy as a audient is spent on whatever comes first. Personally I think it’s a weird convention.

Have been listening to ABC classic FM in the mornings during this off-season. Classical music is alright. Easy to fall back to sleep to. I used to not be able to handle those opera-ish sounding bits where people would sing so I’d turn it off and that would be that — but seem to tollerate it this time round.

I like how they do weather for regional towns/cities in the morning. First there was the stand-in guy and now clive robertson is back. When I try to visualise clive robertson all I get is Harold from Neighbours.

Reading: Bullfinch’s Mythology version of Legends of Charlemagne but it’s kind of slow going. A bit hard to see where the myth is in it — reads more like a history of battles.

It got me thinking how I never hear anyone yelling out, “Saracens!” anymore. We invade a land and pillage its resources and similtaneously boost the level of PC terminology to its people.

Also, masochistic as it sounds, am reading some bits and pieces by John Fiske — one of the dudes who I had to read for school last year. With a lot of things the pattern can be picked up and replicated, but the way this guy thinks semiotics is baffling. Certainly all the points he makes could be definitely argued against, but they’re kind of easy to agree with too.
There’s some bits analysing the australian beach culture which I’ll have to tap into here they’re so wacky — like;

“A tan is an anomalous category between skin (human, culture) and fur (animal, nature). A tanned body is a sign to be read by others, particularly others in the city. It signifies that the wearer, a city dweller, has been into nature and is bringing back both the physical health of the animal and the mental health that contact with nature brings into the artificiality of the city.”

I like that bit about fur.

I’m digging the pineapple, but probably visually more than anything else — the balance between fruit and the spikey leafy bit is a real turn on.

Lastly, for all the sciencey types who aren’t eating something (via geegaw) is the worst jobs in science. There’s some genuine white-collar masochism in there.

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