do your arse a favour

I did. I bought a new seat for the AT-AT mountain bike today. The other one, Henry the pony the bike, actually got two tire punctures (in one afternoon) and so I’m going to chuck it away rather than deal with it.
Just kidding. But it is a nice seat. I was looking at those gel seat covers too and they feel pretty weird. Like bubblewrap or something – I wanted to push my thumb through it.

At 4am or thereabouts for no reason the smoke alarm did its beep-shriek thing four times then shut up again. It’s stuck to the ceiling not far from the bed and I thought the joint was being bombed. Those things are filth. I’d rather burn up dead in my sleep than have to deal with their craftily deposited radioactive material and insane shrieking noise.

I haven’t been spending that much time online so don’t have much in the way of fantastic links, but (via diversionz) this news article, armed robber disguises self as chicken took my fancy. Can’t see it in the pic. but I hope for the robber’s sake he wasn’t wearing the big ckicken feet too because those things are hell to run in.
Not that I’ve tried it, but have studied footage of it closely.

Finally finished off re-enrolment today. Lucky I hadn’t planned to go Sking in Switzerland for three months, what with all the piss-farting around at uni. On the upside, picked up a couple of good books on local history at the library — so much so that there’s pictures of just down the street from a hundred years ago. Bit of a trip.

Although I’m a little aprehensive that I’ll go to bed one night and wake up the next day having been split into a 15 year old boy and girl who are cast as the lead characters in an ABC Kids drama set in this neighbourhood 120 years ago. We want to get back to our own time but have to blend in, so wear period costume and get jobs as a wheel-wright boy and a seamstress girl. We meet a wacky old white haired chemist who believes our story and who decides to help us get back to our own time. It’ll be called ‘Just a prawn from Ashby’, maybe shot in B&W and will air at 5pm.

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