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<%image(20040110-speedlines04.jpg|600|450|the speedlines at this time of year)%>

That above is I think the best one that came out of the kamera for the arvo. I just reduced it to about 25% but apart from that — that’s it — no manipulation. I had the zoom up to 6.4 X which probably accounts for the blur.

The results for the day (day 4) can be seen here at cycling news, along with the rest of the results for the uh thing.

– This guy is winning the men’s support race. He’s dutch apparently.

<%image(20040111-onjormarks.jpg|557|179|The women's elite start up)%>
– This is the starting grid of the Women’s elite race. Need I say, “some of them were pretty damn good lookin’!” ..?
Well they were.

<%image(20040111-headofcourse.jpg|535|251|tete de la course)%>
– I think one of these guys is bayden cooke. With the helmets and sunglasses and everything I couldn’t really tell. I don’t really remember their faces anyway. There was one guy in the tour de france who won that first sprint stage — and he had this convo with Mike Tomalaris where Mike said ‘we’ll be keeping a close eye on you’ and didn’t really mean anything by it, but the guy (mcewan?, mcgee?) did this eyebrow thing like ‘ohh, you’re coming on to me aren’t ya’. I think I’d recognise him by face, except I don’t know which one it was.

I got a puncture in my own bike tire due to all the broken glass everywhere which sucks.

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