I bought this helmet from the good folk at di grandi cycles after trying some of the surf/dive/skate/bla/bla type shops closer to the center of town which were no help at all. Now I am a spaceman, or at least will be well on the way once I glue some of those bug antennae onto it.

<%image(20040109-spacehelmet.jpg|440|369|just call me yak rogers from the 21st century)%>

Also joined the local Heritage Society because I’ve started to get more interested in local history. Looking forward to digging through their fotos.

There’s some cycling on here tomorrow — I wish I was a bit better informed about it but that’s what happens when you can’t stand to buy the main (crappy) newspaper.
Some big names will be at it like bayden cook and robbie mcewan. And phil liggett from sbs too – cool!
Here’s a little info on it.

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