Dance! into the fire

Back to the paper round this morning. Very windy. “hey buddy your pram’s rolling away”. I said, Lady, that’s no pram. That’s a Logistics Wagon.
Spent the rest of the day helping the Froggys family move house. Boy-o that’s the last time i offer to help anyone ever move. Not only did I get an up close and personal reminder about how much of a tumultuous-mixed bag of lollies being in a boy/girl-man/woman relationship can be — I ended up actually packing boxes of kiddy-junk. Oh, so much junk!
It just ain’t right. There’s no way I could let someone else pack my stuff.
And now I’m all tuckered out.
* * *
Holy guacamole – this local news feed thing is rather alarming. Maybe I should draw a moustache on the picture of me to hide my identity. Then I could live up to the pigeon-hole I have been alotted, Gossip.
I say, did you see the Honourable Mr.K_________ cavorting around on the Town Hall lion statues last Friday evening…?
* * *

I know it’s never as much fun to mention things on TV after the fact but seeing the A View To A Kill james bond movie last night and I noticed that it varies from the usual formula on a couple of points. First, there was no ‘a tour through the workshop with Q to see the latest gadgets’. Second, the ‘beautiful but evil’ female character in this one (the uber-cool Grace Jones) switches sides before dying and therefore is redeemed of her evilness.
The other one — although I can’t varify it on the spot — but I think this is the only one that’s had a guy (simon le bonn and the rest of Duran Duran) singing the opening song … as in Shirley Bassey did one, and Madonna did another – they’re the only ones I can think of off the top of my head — but they’ve all been women.

This was yet another movie where Christopher Walken got a fun role to play. Zorin had an attitude toward life that I found highly admirable for a villian — he could have a chuckle at just about everything.

I could easily be accused of being revisonist – and it’s probaly true, but hearing the top 40 style pop songs from then (1985) compared to whatever’s the go now – and Duran Duran sound like orchestral masters.

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