space: the final ratings frontier

Britian shoud’ve known that’s what’d happen if they named their probe after Snoopy. The only thing the Brits have got going for them is Prof Pillinger, seen here sporting some magnificent mutton chops. He must be in training to one day do battle royale with Asimov, undisputed muttonchopmaster of science.

Who will win this showdown??? To quote from this page (featuring asimov-chops), “This was the question that we have placed our readers.”

Also I heard that the pictures that the yankee rover sent back, ‘just didn’t have enough pazowee’ so they’ve handed the job of feeding the television over to NASA’s billion dollar computer-generated imaging unit.


I can’t read bob’s site but I look at the pictures and click on the links. A link I saw there: these japanese drummers flash thing. pretty neat.

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