Mulholland Drive

I watched the David Lynch film Mulholland Drive last night. For those who have seen it, or don’t mind reading all about it before seeing it, there’s one analysis here done by some smartypants at Flakmag, and another interpretation here which is way more impressive because it’s got lots of pictures.

However, first interpretations are often the best, so I’ll just stick to the one I came up with last night — that being that the whole thing is about giraffes.


Update – 6/1/04 – I watched it again last night before sending it back to the vid shop. And I kind of wish I hadn’t read those interpretations because they took some of the fun out of it — there’s no where much left to go with it because that second one – at innergrail – is really quite astute.

I suppose one small things that I noticed about the whole thing that wasn’t mentioned there is that a lot of the characters had a kind of ‘blotchy’ or pinkish look to them. Kind of like they weren’t wearing the standard smothering of make-up that HOLLYWOOD demands. It’d have to be deliberate but I don’t know what it’s saying.

Also, I should say that I really like the film. David Lynch is a rare genius.

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