365 days wrap-up

During this last year my audiophonic appreciation for the truly oddball has grown equally with my lack of understanding of how other people cannot dig this stuff. People like my sibs, who I gave each a CD to, containing a fine selection of these songs. I don’t think they got it though.

I refer to the fantastic 365 days project. Every day of 2003 a new piece of weirdment was posted for all to sample and marvel at. The folder I stuck these in is now 1.5 gigabytes big.

Almost all of these files have continued to mingle in my general random-playing playlist. There was a couple (like that Pat Boone thing) that I ditched — but considering the volume of the whole thing, it’s surprisingly listenable.

I’ve been meaning to do this entry for all this last month, since when it was announced that the MP3 files would be taken offline soon after the end of the year. So you now have roughly two days to grab what you want. They say the files will remain available via other methods, but it doesn’t sound as straight forward as things are right now.

In no particular order, here’s my Top Ten Plus:

(for now I’ll just direct you to the archives page and suggest using the Find function in your browser. This is because the pages that contain the story behind each music file will be changing after Jan 5).

*-* The Humbards – I’ve Found a Hiding Place.

Actually this is my no.1 fave at the moment, so there’s a little order. This is of the old-timey, blue-grassy, jesus-themey ilk. There’s huge wads of jesus-stuff in 365 days and most of it’s really wacky or funny. Infact, to me, the whole ‘jesus concept’ thing has started to take on a different meaning because of this stuff. It’s like: make and think of it what you will = create your own meaning. It’s similar to fanfic how little people who adore these things like the X-Files (or whatever) but who will never have any bearing on what happens, so in a very small way, they hijack the characters and take the creative process into their own hands.

Jesus-fans must’ve been doing that for the last hundred years or more.

The Humbards no doubt would’ve been using big old valve amps and those chunky silver microphones and there’s just a little reverb and some nice organ too. Plus I’m a real sucker for kids singing.

*-* Dr. Michael Dean The Singing Hypnotist – All Of Me

The project has introduced me to a number of very catchy old classics such as ‘all of me’ and now my life-long dream is to become a cabaret singer. The idea of “attaining a happier, more successful me” through singing also appeals.

*-* Ashfordaisyak – Leper In A Tumbledryer

Where else in the universe are you going to obtain a song called ‘leper in a tumbledryer’ except on the internet?

Someone’s tried to fill the tumble dryer with porridge.

*-* Paul Vickers – Stars and Stripes Forever

I used to think this tune was called, ‘Ere we go, ere we go, ere we go … Ere we go, ere we go, ere we go’. And eventhough the old boy in this is singing something, I’ll never know what. All up it gave me a strong vision in tarnished dim yellow and brown of this crazy old eccentric sitting at a piano, banging away and flailing about. Maybe it something to do with the recording, but the piano almost sounds like an organ it’s being played so hard.

*-* Sharda – disco music and stories

More kids singing and a bit of yelling. This must come from somewhere in Europe. There’s some solid disco pee-yow sounds in there.

*-* Sam The Drummer – Little Red Rhumbahood

Entertaining and Informative. I never knew there was a rhythm called Pachunga before.

*-* The Hellers – Creative Freakout

This sparked off me getting interested in advertising as a form of creativity. It’s a ten minute story containing a bunch of radio comercials from sometime in the 50s? They just don’t make ads like they used to.

*-* The Central High School Cafeteria Band – First Rhapsody For Knives, Forks & Spoons parts 1 & 2

My first choice of listening material when washing the dishes.

*-* Jada with the Vise Squad – Jada’s Christmas Song

The only one in this list that actually has really bad singing. But is fun too.

*-* bonnie prudden – la cienega

This is the most energetic old-school aerobic workouts I ever heard.

And honourable mentions go to: Gen Orange – thunderstorm

Troy Hess – Christmas on the Moon

But really there so much good stuff there that this isn’t much of a time to get started on grabbing it.

Thanks to Otis Fodder for putting in the time and effort thoughout the year.

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