eric da viking

One of the only things that has the distraction power to pull me away from webloggen is playing Civilisation, or FreeCiv – the cheap-arse Linux equivelent. And this is the only time of the year that feels unstructured enough for me to feel okay enough about spending time playing it. So that’s what I’m doing.

Two other brief thing about yesterday that I forgot. I heard about ‘extreme skydiving’ where you throw the parachute out of the plane and then jump out after it and put it on while falling. It spun me out a little that people would do that. What happens if you have trouble with the buckle, or get something in jor eye?? You won’t be bloggen about it the next day — that’s for sure.

Also their toilet was weird. At first I thought it must’ve been blocked up, because most of the bowl was filled with water.

A few weeks back I watched The Big Lebowski again and there’s that scene where a couple of guys bust into The Dude’s house and ram his head into the toilet bowl, and at the time it struck me that it was really fucking convenient that the water was up high enough to make it easy to push his face into.

But this is what this toilet yesterday was like — so I guess they’re out there but I just never seen them before.

I found it highly disconcerting – like it was going to start flooding the joint any second. My best guess is it’s like that to muffle shpl00sh sounds while bombing.

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