I better be more sensible with these titles maybe

– One thing that’s become immediately obvious since the switch from the Pivot webloggen system to Nucleus has been that google finds the Nucleus style of single-entry permalink URLs much more digestible than Pivot’s. Also, I’ve received a basic refresher in how Google PageRank (pigeon-rank ;^P) works; that is — titles using the h1 html heading code are deemed more important than h2. I was using h2 for single-entry titles with Pivot but didn’t realise it.

And now this happens — this is definitely not the place to come for sci-key-@-rick HELL-p — it was just a dumb throw away line from Peanuts.

– Just went and had lunch at obi-wan kenobi’s place. It was nice but felt a little like being a guest on a variety show too. Him, his wife and then the other guest was a middle-aged scottish man – name: 4 letters, first part “J”, last part “ock”.

And what did he do for a living? Tug Boat Captain.

“No Kidding?!” I sez. Y’see that my life-long boyhood dream to be one. But he was a little bit grumpy, probably because he was scottish and I’m just not very good at coaxing information out of people. Those skills that translate into the journalistic interview are really an art and require much practice, of which I’ve had almost none.

– Was catching up with a buddy, Ant, who is only in victoria occasionally these days on account of living in Adelaide. Went to the napier pub in fitzroy — haven’t been there in many years, but was slightly surprised in that it actually seems to be less yuppified now than then. Ant’s brother also came, who is a programmer doing PS2 games for some firm in Melb.

Ant and I used to be political activists together. Some fella the same age as us struck up a conversation about politics — mainly trade union stuff, with which I had little to do with, but Ant did. Still interesting but. This guy was from an Irish catholic background, and boy, he sure looked like it too — almost like a leprichaun or something. Or not quite, but it’s funny how the Anglo-Saxon world is so … anglo-saxon yet there’s these minutely subtle differences in facial shape etc. to do with different regions.

Apart from being overly hung up on the Labor Party, this guy was spot on with a lot of things, particularly about how Latham is a right-wing head-kicker — which I’ve heard bugger-all people perceptive enough to pick up.

It was quite uncanny how this guy was coming up with opinions and angles on topics that seemed relevant to us, without knowing us. And it wasn’t like he was picking it up from stuff we’d already said because we hadn’t said it. The whole thing reminded me a bit of fight club even to the point where this guy was saying how he lived in this area between north melbourne and footscray that’s mostly industrial…

Also went to this place Bar Open which is new since i’ve been around, but funnily enough my sister had mentioned it the day before. Seemed awfully makeshift — people sitting on milk crates and whatnot.

Total Pez.
The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show is on ABC at the moment – 4:30pm and is worth watching. As is The Big Knights which follows it.

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