it’ll grow back

Feeling a bit heat-addled — here at HQ it’s 29&#176 C (or approx. 83&#176 F) and 50% humidity. That doesn’t sound too bad but it didn’t get much lower all last night.

I got a little weather gaugey thing for christmas — which for the most part was nice. Over three days I only felt the intense desire to kill Evil Brother once. Which is, like, some kind of record for me.

My frayvrite present is a calendar with pictures from the olden days from parts local — deans marsh and bambra which, from here, are towards the Otway forests.


Mountjoys family wedding photograph at ‘yan yan gurt’ – approximately 1896

Click on ‘more yes please!’ for some minor gurglings about the Return of the King movie.’, ‘It’s been strange how this thing has stretched itself out over two full years. Two years ago myself and former girlfriend were prepping for a driving hol. through S.A. — that feels like ancient history, but the style of the Lord of the Rings movies hasn’t changed a smidgeon.

And that’s fine by me — now at least. After the firts one i remember thinking why the hell couldn’t they put some jokes in there. But it’s just not the jokey kind of thing, and it’s core is firmly based in the celtic mythology style where men are masculine, women feminie, evil things are black and there ain’t no such thing as “afirmative action”.

I wished I hadn’t watched the ‘the making of’ rubbish from the Two Towers dvd. I ended up thinking things like “I wonder if shoots from all three movies were arranged with any chronology or if the whole thing was dictated by construction of sets, weather, actors’ timetables …?

I wasn’t able to lose myself in it, and ended up a little envious of the kids sitting to my right, who clearly were able to. (Actually they were also a bit annoying because they kept talking and yelling out excitedly.)

Again, with things that really mattered, Jackson really hit the nail on the head with how things should look visually – like Minas Tirith – looked very impressive and close enough to how I envisioned it that the filmic visual happily melded (and overtook) how I saw it.

A small thing that occurred afterward was the almost complete absence of yankee actors from the main line up. The end result was a new style of ‘international accent’.

All up the trilogy is a pretty damn major achievement for Jackson and all involved.

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