in dreams, but not like roy’s

Last night I bumped into Damon Albarn from blur at a petrol station.

‘Oh hey my sister’s a really big fan of yours’ i say but he’s got this expression on his face like he’s really unimpressed.

I try again, ‘I got “There’s no other way” on 45 [making a small circular motion with one finger] back in ‘90’. I’m not completely sure what year it was.

The same expression.

I follow after him a little, and realise that I’m trying to cheer him up, and say something like, ‘people shouldn’t expect you to produce something major every year’.

But I think they did actually relase an album this year — I don’t know — I don’t keep up with that pop shite anymore. nemore.

Some links to prime cuts at this excitement machine entry. Particularly the little North Korean kid, Mo Kin, playing the xylophone is out of this world. Definitely worth the 3.3Mb d/load to see.

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