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Well sure I think the chrissy-card thing can be odd, but I did make and send some. I got some printing credits from camerahaus when I bought the kamera and used them to get fotos printed and glued them on cardboard which promptly warped.
So merry christmas to people who sent me a card but not a return address. I lost the email addresses of everyone I know about a month ago.

From all of us here at Spouting. to all of you out there reading Spouting, I hope your christmas is as gay as this picture:
I was at the op-shop acquiring some christmaspresent materials and came across this book, ‘Bible Firsts’ from the tiny-tots library. Sorry if this offends any christians out there. I’m just looking at it from the perspective of it –the book– as an artefact.
See this is what people who came after the fall (basically everyone) is missing out on. If *I* was to get nekkid and walk up behind a lion and put my hand on its back, let me tell ya it wouldn’t be a pretty scene. Thanks very bloody much adam and eve.
Interestingly, adam isn’t mentioned at all when it comes to “the first Wrong Deed”. That’s 1953 for you. I hope to bring some more of its illustrations to the site here in the future.

I also picked up a super-special copy of Mad Magazine from 1997. I haven’t looked at Mad for donkeys, and it was rather enlightening, because I used to get it all the time when I was a wee lad. It was like putting another small bit of the jigsaw in place because I can see that i got a fair amount of my social conscience from it, weird as it sounds.

From Diversionz, this X-treme shopping article is a corker. Bring on the insanity and chaos.

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