whoah, nice cumulonimbus!

I was just having a look at the photo gallery page of the brisbane storm chasers‘ site.
I normally walk when I’m heading into the middle of town, but a couple of times lately I’ve been riding the a.o.g.g. kruzor. I went in to OfficeWerks to get something and was using the bike lock, locking it to a power-pole. It’s one of those wire coily locks and I didn’t keep ahold of one end while I stretched the other end around the pole. It was gripping around a wheel, but obviously not enough because it let go and whipped around the pole, smacking someone’s Honda right in the headlight. Thankfully it must’ve been made of some supa-tuff plastic because it didn’t leave a mark even. Lucky.’, ‘The ‘more’ link generally deters mother.
I’m making t-shirts for the famblee. The problem with trying something new in conjunction with the making of presents is that there’s a fair chance things will screw up or look a bit wonky.
However, making stuff brings with it the weight of the “it’s the thought that counts” statement and only a fool attempts to argue against that one.
I’m experimenting on me first. First boo-boo — how was I supposed to know it’d come out back-to-front?? And the second is that some paper got stuck on it.
At least I didn’t start a fire.

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