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Erm, there’s a space invaders game in the bloodyvolvodriver website. Go RearView -> 70s -> classic game.

They stretch it a bit by claiming that safety was an integral part of the whole plan in the early periods — safety in the 1930s amounted to ‘now with added brakes’.

My final thought to the whole camapign is that there’s no such thing as the blody volvo driver anymore. Bad drivers have spread across many brands due to the general level of safetey in design increasing. For all intents and purposes your ‘there’s more to like about a kia’ is just as safe as a volvo, what with air-bags n’ such. When you’re out on the highway and in that short moment before coming down with a case of acute semi-trailer poisoning, it doesn’t really matter what you’re in. Despite what the TAC would like us to think.
Volvo’s heyday was the mid-late 70s when the bloodyvolvodriver was establishing and growing. The car had a distinct shape, safety was an issue and they had a genuine jump on the rest in the area.

While I’m talking ads, the Telstra bigpond broadband ads bug me. I mean the one that had ned kelly and others jumping up out of the ocean. Briefly a tv commercial – but seems to be more prevalent as a billboard.
A layer or two down, what the ad says is that web sites on Ned kelly (and other australian things relevant to a kid doing homework) are located on web-servers overseas. Why is this? Because Telstra is like the fat kid in the little wader pool and it’s keeping the water level (prices) high — and so running a web-server here stays an uncompetitve proposition.

Ah, I’m unusually tired today … thus the ridiculous analogies.

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