Jennifer chose a rug, $96.99 for something. “I wonder if it’s pure wool?” Glenn chose boardshorts $8.99 and backpack $9.99 for his son. “I don’t want to over-indulge the children, they grow up thinking life is full of Santa Clauses.”


“Dear yak, I heard a hideous story in the school yard that Santa weren’t real.
Is Santa Claus real?”

– “Dear Natashlie, life is full of Santa Clauses.”


In a very weird house a cat spewed and it had hair in it. It was very yucky spew. So the man went to clean it up. “Oh Milly”, he mumbled. And while he was cleaning the spew, he got it on himself. He started to grow hair. So he quickly went to go and have a shower. Meanwhile, at the zoo, there was a missing ape. Then on their beeper, the zoo-keepers saw the hairy man and they thought it was the ape. They got a cage and took him to the zoo.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Mike. He was bad. He put mouse poo in the bottle. His dad went to wash his hair and his hair fell off. He ate cheese. Then he grew more hair. It was beautiful.

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