like a motorcycle devil in the rain

For once in ages I really lucked out with the CDs I borrowed from the Library: the soundtrack to Blue Velvet and the Pink Floyd album – The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

The first – is scored by Angelo Badalamenti who is rapidly going from ‘who?’ to ‘muchly respected’ in my book. He did the soundtrack to Twin Peaks also and I’m finding that he’s something of an influence on Amon Tobin too.
Pink Floyd is reminding me of my teenage hoodlum days, which is fun. Lucifer Sam and Interstellar Overdrive are killa riffs and the bike song is good because I like bikes.

Although I wish they could make a frikkin’ stak-hat that’d keep the sun off my face.

Santa through the ages is mildly interesting. I like this one where he’s riding a goat, holding a jumbo bowl of noodles and with a bird’s nest on his head — dude must be respected.

It just ended tonight but I’ve really liked watching this doco series ‘Martin Scorsese: My Voyage to Italy‘ that’s been on SBS. In an odd way, the way he goes about talking about the films reminds me of that art-lovin’ nun, sister Wendy. It’s nice to hear someone talking in the “appreciation” style rather than the fast-fiction “3 and a half Stars (out of 5)” critic/consumer way.
A doco series/movie worth checking out if it comes around again. 4 stars!

Santa Claus Now in 4 New Flavours!


Blue Heaven, SunShine-SuckFace, Grape and psychoTropic!

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