some interesting Entwicklungs

Last week I got me a paper round delivering one of the local free community papers. I doesn’t pay a lot but i don’t care too much about that at the moment. I use an old-school pram to delver them in. The suspension on it is insanely great.
I don’t understand those yuppy 3-wheeled pusher things. You’d think they’d have learnt from one hundred years of automotive lessons that: 3 points of contact = tends to fall over, four points = better.
Actually, I’ve seen lumpin with the 3-wheelers now, and I bet the yupppies are bitter about that. They are waiting for something new to purchase and set themselves apart with.

I deliver to the local drag of shops. I walk up and down there all the time but i never realised there were so many shops, so much junk. All this home decoration stuff … I don’t know .. it’s just not the kind of thing I’d buy in a million years.
I was a little concerned that all there people would turn their nose up and not take the paper, but they were all quite obliging, and in 95% of cases, cheery about it.

A few nights ago I had a dream where Madonna gave me a sheet of paper that had answers to exam questions on it, which isn’t much help considering the exams were over a month a go.
Golly Christmas is creeping up really sleazy-like.
I applied for an editing job today too. I hadn’t looked at or adjusted a resume in years. I really dislike the whole resume thing. The kind of thing where I’m tempted to push it way out — like writing it in screenplay format, or putting it on video.

I had a little go of the SUSE 9.0 live evaluation. It’s like one of those Linux on a CD dealies. Despite having mentioned the whole ‘linux on a CD’ approach before, this was the first time I’d tried a version of it. And of course, because the whole thing is running out of the CD drive, it’s a bit slower than normal.
But there were these minute but impressive differences between Suse and every other version of every other distro I’ve tried (including SuSE 7.0) — refinements in the installation that could mean the difference between the new user throwing a lamp-stand through the front of the monitor, and not throwing it. A lampstand.

– it picked which port the modem was located at. Never happened before, I’ve always had to set it manually. As I said, a small thing but it’s progress.
– the soundcard worked straight up. Even with this version of Mandrake I’m using now I had to flick the master volume off and on once for it to work.
– Getting really confident, I plugged the camera into its USB cord, turned it on and started the camera app. ( I forget which one it uses right now — Kfoto(?))
It recognised what model the camera was and uploaded the picture without any trouble. That’s very impressive.

The full version still seems kind of exxy, but then – that extra money is going to pay the nerds whe worked on refining the hardware detection capabilities to that level beyond where the money-free versions are at.
Also, for people who have fat and unlimited bandwidth options available, 9.0 it available for free install-via-ftp.

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