I don’t know why – I call him Gerald

In 2007 Echinecea will be eaten out of existence the same way the brontosaurus was.

Everyone can see how the wheels turns, but the trick is figuring out the length of one full revolution — is MC Hammer ‘can’t touch this’ cool yet???

I walked past a private retirement home up the gentrified end of the nearby main drag — old men sat in the shade of the verandah with light blankets wrapped around their legs. One of them was playing a harmonica open-handed style — bob dylan style.

There’s no other time of year as distinctive as summer. Everything vibrates and eminates. There’s been this metamorphosis happening in me over the last 6 years and now I’m a sensory junky. Giving up smoking and regaining smell and taste was like dotting the is and crossing the ts.
The smell pines give off remind me of two years ago and 15 years ago. I smell other tree smells that I can’t pin down, but which remind me of the start of grade six and maybe grade two. Summer and a new year often meant starting at a new school in a new place with new smells.

There aren’t anywhere near as many cicadas around here as there are further north, but I love it when they get going and turn the volume up to eleven and drown out the traffic noise.


If there was a halfway decent video store in this town I’d go grab Devil’s Playground for a look, but as it stands I can’t even get hold of eraserhead.

Speaking of David Lynch, there was this a couple of days ago. They’re definitely on the right track. I read of a similar thing somewhere in the Amazon there’s this healer guy who can somehow reach right into people and rip tumas straight out without needing conventional surgery. There was a hall where adepts would meditate in shifts so there was always a certain level of ‘vibe’ flowing around the place.

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