you a winner!

(Phew! I’m having a few system-changeover hiccups. They were battling royale for the highly prized index.php spot. Working again now.)

In other news that’s already happened this morning, ‘Ken Alright! I won the Jack Planck ‘To hell with you, I’ll make my own people’ CD off the RRR breakfasters. I was on the air and I answered questions and I hadn’t even had a coffee yet.
STD callers like me don’t have a chance in hell usually but when the breakfasters say that callers have to go on the air they lines clear out _very_ quickly.
Pretty cool. In the month or so since the album got released here the track ‘Milkman’ got the most airplay and I like that as soon as I heard it, but there’s almost no mention of Planck on the net, and definitely none of the music for schnaffling. So it was a good one to win.

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