beyond the valley of the __oles

I decided I’m going to go to the breakfaster’s end-of-year Outside Broadcast tomorrow morning — it’s at Cookie which apparently is near Mind Games on Swanston St. It would be cool to see other webbaloggers there.

The other day I came across a long trail of cool music and other stuff, starting with the International Mind Control Corporation — which is all things related to dave Thrussel, like Snog, Soma, Black Lung. Snog had a new album out and I didn’t even know about it.
Seze Devres must be a friend of theirs and does some interesting visual art.
Sharing the same website as Snog are End and Mehmet irdel. Both have wonderfully abrasive and unmelodic songs available for the grabbin’ and Mehmet has a link to dev/null who makes the same kind of sounds, and has a long link-list of kindered spirits, including atom heart a.k.a Senor Coconut.
Hymen, a German recording label is involved in it all somehow too, and they have a page of neat wallpapers for jor desktop.

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