Satan called me up on the telephone this afternoon, except I was on the internet so he left a message — actually two messages two minutes apart. If I lived in The HouseHold of the Future I would be able to somehow share these messages with you — apart from saying it was breathing, but not what I’d call heavy, then something whispered but completely unintelligible.

A brief description of neoplasticism. I’m a big fan of the primaries, I like wearing them.
I’ll get around to what I think are the differences between north american and european styles in weblog appearance, but right here I’ll say that to me ‘clean design’ equals boring. If someone says a page looks too cramped then they should get out of the rat-race maybe — maybe that’s the cause of the cramped feeling. Generally I think most people can fit a lot more info on their page than they’re currently fitting.

But for once I’m giving it all a bit more space. Afterall, this is the “summer edition” – even more light weight than usual. We’ve wheeled in the reserves and the weekend guy.
Don’t be surprised if this design disappears quickly because I’m tempted to start thinking it’s boring.

Project Censored have relased their book for the year gone. Forget your mark lathams forget your howard deans – that stuff is australian idol in grey suits. Have a gander at these these 25 stories, they’re what politics is. And it could well be that it’s not that these bits of news were actively suppressed by TheMan but instead, to the average person this stuff is really really bad news. It’s just not fun becoming actively conscious of the fact that the US military is the largest environmental polluter on earth, it generates 750,000 tons of toxic waste material annually, more than the five largest chemical companies in the U.S. combined.

But one out of the 25 was good news – #23 Argentina Crisis Sparks Cooperative Growth. It’s heartening to hear of genuine democracy alive somewhere on the planet — the kind where people go out to meetings after work and engage in discussion about what is to be done. It’s more work but more rewarding than the “Ring or SMS your vote Now!” bullshit we currently have.

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