when RegionalSquid met CentralSquid

Chuck your Natasha Atlas tape in the deck and press play because we’re taking a journey back in time to the lands of the mysterious ancient Egyptians …


The ancient Egyptian of North Geelong that is. The Sphinx Hotel – featuring ‘deNile dance club’ for over 25s. Hey! I’m over 25s, but it’s never a good sign when they have to state ‘no denim’.
I mean, what are people supposed to wear, their tracksuits?

Speaking of tracksuits I should mention the few good vids out of a selection of several forgetables that I’ve seen recently. The Royal Tenenbaums was quite clever – a lot of detail in it.
The Man Who Wasn’t There must be one of the Coen brothers’ earlier efforts because i hadn’t heard of it before. Playing a quiet character really suited Thornton.
And I’ve been watching Twin Peaks again. Now that’s the kind of thing DVDs would be really handy for. Damn it’s good – the characters, the writing and the aura that the setting gives off.

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