the criminal stranger who pierced the earth and hid in the depths, destroying all around with a fiery whirlwind

I was reading an article out of the latest Nexus about strange things in siberia and then twisting around to look at it on the world map and golly it’s a big place. It’s always been a big place. I remember in grade five having those exercise books that had a little political-sort map of the world on the back divided in six or so colours. Australia was either green or yellow and at the top right across most of it was the pink-red of USSR – most of which was/is siberia.
There’s a pretty okay map here — okay for the internet at least.
Imagine reshuffling things and putting all of that land across the space of the pacific and moving all the ocean up into that spot – there’d be another 4 billion people on the planet.

Let’s Go: Novosibirsk! – Now there’s a town that can have a little chuckle at itself. I like that.
And there’s a whole bunch more fotos here – a few of them circa 1965.

Interesting page on the Akademgorodok – (soviet push to get science happening in the sticks) – with plenty more pics from the ’60s.

Novo state uni – now in Enklissh!
A domain name going begging –

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