Well this is the neoplasticism mutation/rip-off look. gawdbless those little neoplakky heads — mondrian et al. More about that later.
Ug, it’s amazing how planning and constructing things behind the curtain can go exceedingly smoothly then as soon as I move it all to the front all these strange glitches show up and make the night trying.
The QuikComment thing to the right = it puts the comment for the most recent entry. It’s got no ‘link’ field – but there’s one in the normal ‘comments’ link with each entry.
I went over to nucleus and this is the last I’m ever going to change weblog systems and may I be run over by a bus if I do. Funnily enough, after months of silence there an announcement about Pivot progress yesterday.

Eeek! Eeeek! I heard on the radio this morning that there’s some kind of Ninja Tune gig in St. Kilda on Friday night. Amon Tobin will be playing at it but I don’t think I’ll be able to go – I’ve no people south of the river and i would turn into a pumpkin even before midnight because of public transport. Ah well.

I went and saw ze career person today and managed to bump into the head communication studies dude too which was good. I’ve got a much clearer idea of where I’m going, and am pretty much certain that I’d be doing honours in comms instead of psychology. Phew! listen to your little man.

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