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Routine twists out from under me so easy. Maybe that could be thought of as a good thing, but at the moment it means I’m getting what feels like almost nothing done in a day. I still got appointments coming up to keep in my mind and keep but am already floating off the ground into fully-fledged holiday mode. Bah! Careers counselors eh? Never done me no good — always had trouble with them even in highschool. I suppose I expect too much of them like they will tell me what to do with myself and I’d actually agree with them.

An apple user gives KDE a spin – I liked it because it reminded me of the good things about the system I’m using — like it not locking up and losing unsaved stuff.

There was a big storm over melbourne last night and indeed over a couple of the folks on the link-list here. I would’ve missed it completely unless Higgins had knocked on the door of the bungalow here to tell me to have a look. Went outside and it was bizarre — being able to see every bolt and sheet of lightening over such a wide section of the distance but not hearing any of the thunder. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a huge electrical storm without having it pass right over head. It was like it was stuck in the one spot to the North.

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